Edauchi Branch Pruning

Edauchi (枝打ち)

Brand pruning every 2-3 years to create a post completely free of knots.

Honjikomi Harvest

Honjikomi (本仕込み)

Traditional harvest method in which the cedar are cut at the trunk, stripped of bark and dried vertically on the mountainside in late summer. Foliage left at the top of the tree continues to draw out moisture, quickly and naturally drying the wood.

Jinzo Shibori

Jinzo-shibori (人造絞り)

Forms are wrapped around the tree with wire, in several years an artificially distressed surface will be created.

Kawamuki Bark Stripping

Kawamuki (皮むき)

Bark peeling on the mountainside used in the Honjikomi process.

Migakimaruta Polished Post

Migakimaruta (磨丸太)

Sand polished post.

Suna Migaki Sand Polishing

Sunamigaki (砂磨き)

Sand polishing with sand collected below a nearby waterfall.

Tokonoma Alcove

Tokonoma (床の間)

The traditional Japanese alcove were art, flower arrangements and so are are displayed. Kitayama cedar products are the favored wood for the tokonoma.